Friday, 12 June 2009

Hamlyn Lecture Series archive made freely available

To mark the Hamlyn Trust's 60th anniversary, the series of lectures from 1949 - 2004 (originally published by Sweet & Maxwell) has been made freely available to individuals for the purpose of private study.
The annual lectures have been, and continue to be given by leading members of the legal profession, be they judges, legal practitioners or academics.

Past lectures have included:
* Lord Denning on Freedom under the Law
* Professor Glanville Williams on The Proof of Guilt
* Lord Scarman on English Law - the New Dimension
* P S Atiyah on Pragmatism and Theory in English Law
* Michael Zander QC on The State of Justice

Each lecture is presented as a PDF file, with the average length being 150 - 200 pages, and provide readers with food for thought on a range of key issues.

With thanks to Jonathan Thorpe, LLB Law for bringing this development to my attention.

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