Thursday, 28 June 2018

Resource Material Series - UNAFEI

UNAFEI is based in Tokyo, and includes an interesting Publications section (available on the English version of its web site). Within this section is the Resource Material Series, an ongoing series of congresses and seminars, each on a different subject. Most recently these have covered:

  • Juvenile justice & the UN standards and norms
  • Effective measures for the treatment, rehabilitation & social integration of juvenile offenders
  • Children as victims and witnesses
  • Multi-agency cooperation in community based treatment of offenders
  • Staff training for correctional leadership
  • and The state of cybercrime: current issues and countermeasures.

Within each theme there are 'Visiting Expert's Papers', which are usually (but not exclusively) by academics from Europe, the United States and Australia and 'Participants' Papers' which give an insight from a wider variety of countries into the topic under discussion. For example Children as victims and witnesses has contributions from Egypt, Malaysia and the Maldives, and Cybercrime from Kenya, the Philippines and Thailand. 

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