Monday, 2 October 2017

Welcome (back)

A warm welcome to new students studying here at Birkbeck, and a welcome back to returning students.

For new students we're offering introductory tours of the library until Saturday 21st October. These will run at 5.30pm from Monday - Friday, and at 1.15pm on Saturdays. There's no need to book, just come along to the date and time that suits you. Tours will last 20 minutes, giving you time to make it to lectures by 6pm.

We've been busy over the summer, and the 4th floor of the library now provides an additional 60 seats for those seeking a silent study environment (see below). 

Image of library fourth floor

For those of you who prefer to work in groups, or with some background noise, our popular group study room remains available on the 1st floor of the library. 

We look forward to answering any library-related questions you may have, and can be contacted via phone, online form, and Chat - as well as face-to-face. We're now staffed throughout our term time opening hours

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