Monday, 16 January 2017

UK Bills on Westlaw

The Bills service on Westlaw UK has recently been improved. If you're interested in a piece of legislation currently going through Parliament then you may find the Bills Service of interest.
It contains information on Bills from the current session as well as for 2015-16 and can be found via the Legislation tab under Browse.

  • Via the Overview document it is possible to follow the progress of a Bill, and see whereabouts it is in its passage through Parliament.
  • As well as providing the current text, within Overview it is possible to see the text of the Bill as it stood at various points of its passage through Parliament.
  • If the Bill has received Royal Assent, a link through to the relevant Act is provided.
Additionally, for current legislation, you can access a version of a provision which allows you to see how the law will read if a Bill receives Royal Assent. See below for an example section.

Image from Westlaw of an Act section due to be affected by a current Bill

Clicking on the blue link brings up the Bill amended text (in this case the amending Bill is the Higher Education and Research Bill 2016-17).

Image of Bill amended text from Westlaw UK

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