Monday, 5 December 2016

Charles Booth's London - website hosted by the LSE launched

Last week I received an email promoting the following: 
LSE has just launched Charles Booth’s London, a website making available the famous poverty maps and the descriptively rich police notebooks arising from Booth’s ground-breaking study Inquiry Into the Life and Labour of the People in London (1886-1903).
The new site allows visitors to view, interact with and download the poverty maps, and to geo-locate the police notebooks against the maps. Visitors can also browse and download the notebooks. In addition the site provides a wealth of contextual information about Booth, the Inquiry, and Victorian London more generally.

If you're studying Criminology, you may find the mapping of police notebooks against late Victorian London streets of interest. Even if the maps and notebooks aren't of direct relevance to your course, if you live in London, then like me, you may find it hard to resist finding the area where you live and reading all about it!

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