Thursday, 5 June 2014

New Open Access ebook initiative

Birkbeck College Library has joined at least 200 other institutions who have pledged funding to help cover the first copy costs of publishers participating in the Knowledge Unlatched ebook pilot. As a result, the titles in the ebook Pilot Collection are being released as Open Access upon publication. 

The Pilot Collection of 28 Open Access e-Book monographic titles is now available covering topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences from 13 scholarly publishers, including Bloomsbury Academic, Brill, Cambridge, Duke, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester University presses.

Whilst the pilot covers a small range of books, it is hoped that this way of financing ebooks will prove to be sustainable. One of the advantages of the collection is that the book can be downloaded in full and there are no limits on how much of the content can be printed out. 

Further information on the project can be found at: 

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