Thursday, 2 February 2012

Latest additions to Oxford Scholarship Online

A number of ebooks have been added to Oxford Scholarship Online. All titles can be found via the library catalogue, or you can go directly to OSO. There are now nearly 500 law titles available through this provider, so it is worth searching by keyword within the Oxford web site, especially if you are studying Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Legal Philosophy or Public International Law.

Recently added titles are as follows: 
* God and moral law: on the theistic explanation of morality / Mark C. Murphy.
*The access of individuals to international justice / Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade.
*The foundations of European Union competition law: the objective and principles of Article 102 / by Renato Nazzini.
* Administrative law and policy of the European Union / Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Gerard C. Rowe, Alexander H. Türk.
* The legal construction of personal work relations / Mark Freedland and Nicola Kountouris.

* Lords of the land: indigenous property rights and the jurisprudence of empire / Mark Hickford.
* The ends of harm: the moral foundations of criminal law / Victor Tadros. 

* World trade law after neoliberalism: re-imagining the global economic order / Andrew Lang. 
* The right to health in international law / John Tobin. 
* International harmonization of economic regulation  / Junji Nakagawa ; translated by Jonathan Bloch and Tara Cannon.
* The emergence of EU contract law : exploring Europeanization / by Lucinda Miller.
* International law and domestic legal systems: incorporation, transformation and persuasion / edited by Dinah Shelton.
* Reflections on The concept of law / A.W. Brian Simpson.
* Testamentary formalities  / edited by Kenneth G.C. Reid, Marius J. de Waal and Reinhard Zimmermann.
* Aboriginal title: the modern jurisprudence of tribal land rights / by P.G. McHugh.
* EU foreign investment law / Angelos Dimopoulos.
* Sovereignty's promise: the state as fiduciary / Evan Fox-Decent.
* The ethics of capital punishment: a philosophical investigation of evil and its consequences / Matthew H. Kramer.
* The ethics of plea bargaining / by Richard L. Lippke.
* Formalism and the sources of international law: a theory of the ascertainment of legal rules / Jean d'Aspremont.
* Securing human rights?: achievements and challenges of the UN Security Council / [edited by] Bardo Fassbender.
* The structures of criminal law / [edited by] R.A. Duff ... [et al.].
* Law's relations: a relational theory of self, autonomy, and law / Jennifer Nedelsky.
* Sovereign equality and moral disagreement: premises of a pluralist international legal order / Brad R. Roth.
* Humanity's law / Ruti Teitel.
* Well-being and fair distribution: beyond cost-benefit analysis / Matthew D. Adler.
* On the frontlines: gender, war, and the post-conflict process / Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Dina Francesca Haynes, Naomi Cahn.
* Federalism and the tug of war within / Erin Ryan.
* A doubtful and perilous experiment: advisory opinions, state constitutions, and judicial supremacy / Mel A. Topf.
* Comparative law as transnational law: a decade of the German law journal / [edited by] Russell A. Miller, Peer C. Zumbansen.
* The responsibility to protect: the promise of stopping mass atrocities in our time / edited by Jared Genser    
* Retributivism has a past: has it a future? / edited by Michael Tonry.
* The end of negotiable instruments: bringing payments systems law out of the past / James Steven Rogers.

* Native claims: indigenous law against empire, 1500-1920 / edited by Saliha Belmessous.

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