Wednesday, 23 February 2011

US & Canadian journals on Lexis Library

LexisNexis UK have recently made it easier to access the groups of US and Canadian journals held within Lexis Library.

To search by subject keyword across a large number of journals simultaneously:
1. From the Lexis Home page click on the Journals tab and then from the left-hand of the search screen select International Journals.
2. From the Sources drop down menu select one of:
*Combined Canadian Law Reviews
*Law Reviews, CLE, Legal Periodicals and Journals Combined (US)
*US and Canadian Law Reviews, Combined
*US Law Reviews and Journals Combined. 
(Clicking on the blue 'i' next to each source will give you more detail as to its coverage.)

Once you have selected the range of journals across which you wish to search, you just need to put your subject keywords  in the search terms box at the top of the page.

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