Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New titles available via Oxford Scholarship Online

The following 28 titles have been added to the Oxford Scholarship Online Law module.
Birkbeck staff and students can access them either via the library catalogue or by going to: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/lib/elib/databases/arts/oso 

Abass, A. (2010) Protecting Human Security in Africa
Abel, R. (2010) Lawyers on Trial
Armstrong, K. (2010) Governing Social Inclusion
Barber, N. (2010) The Constitutional State
Barden, G & Murphy, T (2010) Law and Justice in Community
Bloch, F. (2010) The Global Clinical Movement
Bogart, W. (2010) Permit But Discourage
Brodeur, J-P (2010) The Policing Web
Burnside, J. (2010) God, Justice, and Society
Carlarne, C. (2010) Climate Change Law and Policy
Ciacchi, A. & Weatherill, S. (2010) Regulating Unfair Banking Practices in Europe
Coughlin, J. (2010) Canon Law
Darcy, S. & Powderly, J. (2010) Judicial Creativity at the International Criminal Tribunals
Efroni, Z. (2010) Access-Right: The Future of Digital Copyright Law
Forowicz, M. (2010) The Reception of International Law in the European Court of Human Rights
Gardner, J. & Rossi, J. (2010) New Frontiers of State Constitutional Law
Gover, K. (2010) Tribal Constitutionalism
Greenawalt, K. (2010) Legal Interpretation
Gunther, G. (2010) Learned Hand - The Main and the Judge
Guzman, A. (2010) Cooperation, Comity, and Competition Policy
Keller, H. et al, (2010) Friendly Settlements before the European Court of Human Rights
Krisch, N. (2010) Beyond Constitutionalism
Lindseth, P. (2010) Power and Legitimacy
McCrea, R. (2010) Religion and the Public Order of the European Union
Oliver, D. et al, (2010) The Regulatory State
Reinisch, A. (2010) Challenging Acts of International Organizations Before National Courts
Schill, S. (2010) International Investment Law and Comparative Public Law
Tsen Lee, E. (2011) Judicial Restraint in America

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