Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New additions to Oxford Scholarship Online

The following 14 titles have been added to the Law module of Oxford Scholarship Online as part of its latest update. All titles are listed on the library catalogue. Alternatively the module can be accessed directly by going to:

Behrendt, L. et al, (2010) - Discovering Indigenous Lands
Bodiguel, L. & Cardwell, M. (2010) - The Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms: Comparative Approaches
Braga, A. & Weisburd, D. (2010) - Policing Problem Places
Castellino, J. & Keane, D. (2009) - Minority Rights in the Pacific Region
Loughlin, M. (2010) - Foundations of Public Law
Lubell, N. (2010) - Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors

Mackenzie, R. et al, (2010) - Selecting International Judges: Principle, Process, and Politics
Moore, M. (2010) - Act and Crime
Moore, M. (2010) - Placing Blame
Nersessian, D. (2010) - Genocide and Political Groups
Prosser, T. (2010) - The Regulatory Enterprise
Rivers, J. (2010) - The Law of Organized Religions
Ross, M. & Borgmann-Prebil, Y. (2010) - Promoting Solidarity in the European Union
Wicks, E. (2010) - The Right to Life and Conflicting Interests

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