Tuesday, 20 April 2010

World Constitutions - New content on Hein Online

World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary and Historical Documents and Resources is the latest addition to Hein Online.

Still in its initial stages, constitutional documents, books, journal articles and relevant links for countries across the world will be added over the coming months. 
Currently included are the constitutions of 193 countries, together with constitutional histories for the UK, France, Brazil & Colombia. Each constitution is available in its original language, as well as in English.

This looks as if it is going to be a very useful resource for those interested in constitutional law, providing not just the text of constitutions, but commentary on their development. 

For more information on World Constitutions Illustrated, see the launch brochure and details of currently available content.

To access this resource, login to Hein Online and select 'World Constitutions Illustrated' from the Subscribed Libraries list.

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