Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Halsbury's Laws on Lexis Library - added functionality

A recent announcement from Lexis highlighted that footnotes in Halsbury’s Laws have been activated so you can now link from the text to the footnotes. 
Text within Halsbury’s simply contains statements of law, it is the footnotes which provide the relevant authority to support (or substantiate) the statements set out in the text. The footnotes reference legislation (Acts and SIs) and expand this information further by including other relevant legislation and references to case law. The footnotes also cross-reference other volumes within Halsbury’s Laws and explain what the law means, with legal definitions provided where relevant.

To access Halsbury's Laws within Lexis, either click on the Commentary tab, or select it from the 'My Bookshelf' list of resources on the home page.

Source: Lexis Subscriber newsletter

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