Thursday, 15 October 2009

Crime data available via the Economic and Social Data Service

Whilst a large amount of data has been available via the Economic & Social Data Service for many years, they have recently launched thematic crime pages to make it easier to find available information in this area. 

Within the pages are pointers to key data sources, example searches which illustrate how best to find crime-related data, and web-based videos which talk through ESDS's online data exploration tools. These videos demonstrate how researchers can find data and access both survey and qualitative data and conduct simple online tabulations and graphs using ESDS’s suite of online data exploration tools. 

Key data sets accessible via ESDS include:

* the British Crime Survey (coverage includes fear of crime, attitudes towards the police and criminal justice system)
* Crime in England & Wales (published quarterly, covers latest recorded crime figures)
* International Crime Victim Survey (data from EU countries plus some others, e.g. USA, Russia. This covers householders' experience with respect to crime, policing, crime prevention & fear of crime.)

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