Thursday, 7 August 2008

Keep up-to-date with Zetoc

ZETOC provides access to the British Library's online table of contents service. This covers both journals and conference proceedings. It can be a very effective way of keeping up-to-date with developments on a particular legal topic or to track what has been published in a specific journal.

It is possible to set up email alerts so that you are notified when a new article is written in an area in which you are interested, or when the latest edition of that must-read journal is published.To set up an alert, you need to go to Zetoc, click on Zetoc Alert and login with your IT Services username and password. You then decide exactly what goes into your alert.

Alternatively you can carry out one-off searches to locate articles published by a particular lecturer or on a specific area by selecting Zetoc Search.

For those of you who use an RSS reader, such as Bloglines or Google Reader it is also possible to set up feeds for particular journals. To do this, you'll be unsurprised to hear that you need to select Zetoc RSS.
Please note that this service will only provide author / title information for articles. To view the full text you will need to use the Birkbeck eLibrary or see if we have the journal in print.

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